The UK's favourite pizza toppings revealed ahead of National Pizza Day

The UK's favourite pizza toppings have been revealed in the lead up to National Pizza Day on 9th February - and the results are pretty revealing. 

Published 7th Feb 2020
Updated 7 th Feb 2020

Takeaway ordering service Foodhub researched order data of over five million pizza orders from over 10,000 takeaways listed on the platform to determine takeaway pizza preferences.

Overall it seems the nation's tastes are pretty basic, with Magherita shown to be overwhelmingly the most popular, accounting for 44 per cent of pizzas ordered through the platform.

More adventurous toppings such as Pepperoni came in second place (16 per cent), while meat feast came third with 8.6 per cent of orders.

Surprisingly, doner meat came fourth with 6.7 per cent of the vote while Hawaiian (Ham and pineapple - yes, really) came fifth with just over 5 per cent of orders, beating the likes of Vegetarian, BBQ and chicken to the top five.

The top 10 most popular pizza toppings ordered through Foodhub are:

Margherita - 44.49%

Pepperoni - 15.82%

Meat Feast - 8.59%

Doner Meat - 6.73%

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Hawaiian - 5.67%

BBQ - 5.57%

Chicken - 5.32%

Vegetarian - 3.55%

Spicy - 3.07%

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Ham - 1.19%

Despite healthy eating and vegetarianism and veganism rising in popularity, vegetarian toppings (aside from classic Margherita) only accounted for just under 4 per cent of orders.

Wil Chung, spokesperson for Foodhub, said: “Takeaway pizza toppings differ greatly when ordered from a takeaway compared to when people dine at a restaurant. With takeaways, people want indulgent food they typically wouldn’t eat every day - it’s a treat.

"I think this is why we have seen a skew towards meat-based toppings. Takeaway pizzas are also more likely to be shared with family and friends than those in a restaurant, hence why a classic margherita is still the most popular.”

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