The top 50 signs you're a foodie

Knowing how to pair wine with food and actually enjoying grocery shopping are among the top 50 signs you are a 'foodie', a study has found.

Published 21st Apr 2016
Updated 21 st Apr 2016

Creating recipes from scratch, knowing which herbs work with which foods, and being able to pronounce exotic dishes also made the list.

The poll of 2,000 people also revealed that one in three Brits have been labelled a ‘foodie’ by someone, with 65 per cent now believing it’s cool to be seen as a food fan.

You use Instagram and other social media sites to post pictures of food. Picture: Youtube

Brandt Maybury, Taste Specialist at Green & Black’s Organic - which commissioned the research - said Brits are become far more adventurous in their food tastes.

He added: “People are experimenting with dishes more than ever before. As a result, the term ‘foodie’ has become more and more popular and trendy.

“Anyone can call themselves one, but it seems there are certain criteria you need to meet before you can really be considered a ‘true foodie’.

“Regardless everyone can enjoy food, cooking and experimenting with different ingredients."

Choosing to eat in different restaurants is the top sign you are a foodie, followed by enjoying trying new dishes when eating out and looking forward to the weekly food shop – as opposed to seeing it as a chore.

Being willing to try all kinds of food and ingredients came fourth, with knowing what wine to pair with meat and fish, and reading food magazines at five and six in the list.

Knowing the best herbs to use to compliment a dish, experimenting instead of following recipes to the letter, creating your own meals from scratch and being able to recognise when a dish is missing something simply by taste complete the top ten.

You go to places other than supermarkets to buy ingredients. Picture: Pixabay

Other signs to feature in the list include being someone who enjoys watching cookery shows and going to small independent or specialist shops rather than supermarkets to buy ingredients.

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Social media use often also shows signs of your foodie status with regularly posting pictures of food on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, writing a food-related blog and having a Pinterest ‘food’ board were all among the top 50.

Not hesitating to complain if food is not up to scratch in a restaurant while owning a pestle and mortar or an apron feature in the list.

More than half (56 per cent) of those polled enjoy being knowledgeable about food, including being able to tell friends and family what restaurants to visit and what meals to cook at home.

In addition, the study revealed that 71 per cent of Brits consider themselves to be a good cook, with the average adult getting the hang of cooking at the age of 25.

A roast dinner was deemed the top meal you need to be able to rustle up before being considered a good cook, followed by a three course meal, Christmas dinner, steak and a casserole.

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But before getting the hang of cooking, two fifths of adults went home to their parents for a home-cooked meal, while others lived on ready meals and takeaways.

The Top 50 signs you are a foodie:

1. You eat in lots of different restaurants
2. You enjoy trying new dishes at a restaurant
3. You enjoy shopping for food
4. You’re willing to try all kinds of food/meals/ingredients
5. You know what wine to pair with which meat or fish
6. You read food magazines
7. You know which herbs complement different dishes
8. You experiment instead of always relying on recipes
9. You creating your own recipes from scratch
10. You can recognise when something’s missing in a meal/sauce just by tasting it
11. You know all of the correct pronunciations of unusual or exotic foods
12. You’ve dined in a Michelin starred restaurant
13. You can create a meal from the last few ingredients in your cupboard
14. You enjoy watching cookery shows
15. You can turn leftovers into a whole new meal with the addition of a few herbs and spices
16. You go to places other than supermarkets to buy ingredients
17. You use Instagram/twitter/Facebook to post pictures of food
18. You know the difference between the various cuts of meats and which ones are best for different meals
19. You write a food-related blog
20. You rarely eat ready meals/pre-packed food
21. You regularly talk about what you eat with friends and family
22. You have well-used recipe books
23. You make your own pasta
24. You choose a holiday destination based on the local cuisine or the restaurants nearby
25. You enjoy tweaking recipes with your own creative twist
26. You read food blogs and websites
27. You can present food nicely on the plate
28. You regularly invite friends and family over for dinner
29. You consider yourself to have well-honed taste buds
30. Your spare cash is spent on eating out
31. You can whip up a cake without having to use a recipe
32. You have created a Pinterest album of recipes and food ideas
33. You own a good set of kitchen knives
34. You’re happy to cook with an audience
35. You don’t hesitate to complain after a bad meal in a restaurant
36. You grow your own herbs
37. You make bread from scratch at home
38. You use a variety of different types of oil
39. You don’t ever think food/a restaurant is too expensive
40. You growing your own vegetables
41. You own a pestle and mortar
42. You always try to use locally sourced or organic ingredients
43. You buy spices etc. whilst on holiday/travelling
44. You can cook steak to your perfect preference every time
45. When ordering food with friends, you suggest ordering different dishes so you can all share and try each other’s
46. You have a full range of herbs and spices on display in your kitchen
47. You can use chopsticks
48. You know all of the uses for kitchen utensils
49. You own a good pair of weighing scales
50. You own an apron

The Top ten meals ‘foodies’ can make:

Foodie roast dinner
The ability to make a Sunday Roast makes you a certified Foodie. Picture: Flickr

1. A roast dinner
2. A full three course meal
3. A Christmas dinner
4. A steak
5. A casserole
6. A Victoria sponge
7. A curry
8. Risotto
9. Fish
10. A soufflé

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