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Tennent's reveal 'Cancake' for Pancake Day

Today (25 February) is pancake day and to mark the occasion, Tennent's have created something special...a 'cancake' pancake.

Published: February 25, 2020

To celebrate pancake day, Tennent's teamed up with pancake artist Dancakes to create a 'cancake' and shared the result on their social media.

The American based artist creates 'edible art' including celebrity portraits, cartoons and film characters.

The cancake video has over 1000 views and 500 comments, with many praising the artist and some hoping to try to make the pancake at home.

Tennent's recently unveiled their first low calorie, light beer, Tennent's Light.

Aimed at lager drinkers looking for lower calorie, lower ABV options, Tennent’s Light is 114 calories per draught pint and is less than 100 calories a bottle, clocking in at 66 calories per 330ml.

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