Scottish twitter reacts to 6,800 calorie 'crunchy box' available for a tenner

A mammoth 'family crunchy box' posted by a Scottish chippy has divided Twitter creating a huge debate over the 6,800 calorie meal.

Published 20th Aug 2018
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

East West Spice Greenock posted a picture of the box, which includes four different battered suppers, chips, onion rings, fritters and a two litre bottle of Irn-Bru, on its Facebook page, before Scotsman journalist Ross McCafferty reposted the pic on Twitter kicking off a heated debate.

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Anti-Crunchy Box

With some people labelling the offer “vile” and a “heart attack in a box”, food writer Joanna Blythman was enraged about what she deemed was the “promotion” of such an unhealthy meal.

Others followed up with scathing Tweets about its unhealthy qualities:

Eventually, Ross, who didn't even buy the box in the first place began to get fed up with people messaging him:

The Confused

Some people were completely confused as to what some of the items in the box actually were:

Ross quickly cleared this up pointing out that they were fritters:

Thankfully, this discussion was helpful to a few non-Scots:

Others seemed to want to make additions to what was in the box:

While others still were even confused by what country it was from:

Pro-Crunchy Box

Some saw the value in the deal:

While others thought it looked great:

The jokers

When someone mentioned a vegetarian option:

The post made some people come over all patriotic:

While others fired in their own pop culture references:

The philosophical

This user got a little philosophical about the whole thing:

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