It's so far only on trial in Finland, but Scots vegans could soon be looking forward to tucking into McDonald's very own vegan friendly burger.

Aptly dubbed the McVegan, the burger has already been going down a storm on social media with many calling for the American brand to expand the offering elsewhere.

With the trial running in Tampere, Finland, from 4 October to 21 November, many vegans will be hoping it’s successful and McDonalds take it to other countries such as the UK.

Created using a soy-based patty and featuring a vegan sauce with the usual burger veg and pickles, McDonalds have so far declined to comment on whether the McVegan will be made available in the UK, Europe or the US.

Christoffer Rönnblad, marketing director of McDonald’s in Finland, told a Finnish lifestyle website that the company will see how well the McVegan is received in the country before moving forward, he said: “We are going to find out if it is in demand in Finland, [if it is] the kind of product that we would like to sell later on.”

In the meantime, blogger Sarah Moyes has pointed out a way for Scots Vegans to already enjoy a McDonald’s burger.

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