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Revealed: McDonald's charges you more for a Big Mac depending on where you live

Fast food fans buying a McDonald’s Big Mac might expect to pay the same amount in every store across the country, but new research reveals that customers might fork out as much as 40 pence more for the same item in different locations.

Published: March 20, 2018

The data which was provided as part of a study into pricing around the UK by found that the price of a Big Mac varies depending on where you purchase it across Scotland.

The inconsistencies were revealed using data from the McDonald’s mobile app, and it was shown that the cheapest place to grab one of the popular burgers was Inverness, where you could expect to pay £2.89 at their High Street location.

However, drive just 10 minutes away to nearby Inshes Retail Park in the city and the price jumps by 10 pence to £2.99.

Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee all have outlets offering the burger for £2.99, marking them among the cheapest in the UK, however, should you be looking to buy a Big Mac in Stevenson, Airdrie, Fife, Stirling and Elgin some McDonald's restaurants will expect you to pay as much as £3.19.

Across the UK, at least five different price points for the iconic burger were highlighted with it available at £2.99 in Glasgow and Edinburgh, £3.09 in places like Aberdeen and Arbroath and £3.19 in areas including Glenrothes and Dumbarton.

The sandwich will set back customers even more south of the border, with restaurants in Barry and Harlow, Essex charging £3.29 a time, whilst Stevenage and Ludgate Hill top the list of  the most expensive locations surveyed at £3.39.

McDonald’s prices for the Big Mac don’t just vary depending on where you live in the country though, you could be getting a raw deal in areas that can be as little as 10 minutes apart with the burger costing £3.09 in Alexandria and £3.19 in nearby Dumbarton.

The average price customers can expect to pay for a Big Mac in the UK across the 50 restaurants sampled is £3.17.

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Commenting on these findings, a spokesperson from the website which analysed the prices, said: “Customers won’t be ‘lovin it’ when they read this and find out that they are paying more for their Big Mac just because of where they live.

"We recommend customers check the McDonald’s app before they buy to avoid being short changed as the prices at different stories within the same city can vary hugely.”

A spokesperson for McDonald's explained that though they offered guiding on pricing, the prices were ultimately set by the people running the franchises.

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