Glasgow’s Dhabba Indian restaurant is buzzing about World Honey Bee Day today with a brand new dessert.

The North Indian eaterie in the Merchant City has come up a dish that combines their homemade paneer cheese with our home produced honey, to celebrate World Honey Bee Day.

Chenna Madhukosh or Paneer Honeycomb as its known is created by soaking honeycomb shaped toasted paneer in honey and presented on a bed of rich reduced milk.

It’s the restaurant’s tribute to our humble bumble bees and it comes a year after the Scottish Native Honey Bee Society encouraged Scots to save our native bees from extinction.

World Honey Bee Day

Picture: Navdeep Basi

Dhabba owner Navdeep Basi said: “We’re buzzing about this new dish. Honey and paneer have always gone together and a fried version of the combo is often served up as a main meal.

“The flavours set one another off and very often chilli is added in the mix too. Bees are the only insect that produce food eaten by man  and we wanted to pay tribute to them.

Our Chenna Madhukosh dessert dish will be available for one day only this Saturday and we hope it reminds people of how important bees are to our world.”

The Dhabba recently launched its small plates menu as well as announcing it was going nut-free.

Navdeep said: “We always strive to be at the forefront of things and think a lot about the environment we live in.

Chenna Madhukosh will be available for £5.95 from The Dhabba, Candleriggs all day today.

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