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Paris Hilton has just launched her own Youtube cooking show and people aren't sure if it's a parody or not

Paris Hilton has just launched her own cooking show on Youtube and people aren't sure how to take it.

Published: January 21, 2020
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The show, dubbed 'Cooking with Paris', is just under 16 minutes of online gold with the socialite turned actor, DJ and model teaching her fans - and the rest of a bemused Youtube community - how to cook.

Armed with nothing but her pet dog - inexplicably dressed as a French maid - and a pair of fingerless chef gloves, the media star explains how she is an "amazing cook" and exclaims that for her first episode she is going to teach viewers how to cook her "famous lasagne".

The video, which has already amassed over two and a half million views, then sees Paris sigh and pout as she struggles to grate cheese, describe spoons as "brutal" while rummaging through drawers to find cooking implements, and discussing how wearing sunglasses can stop you crying while cutting onions, all before guessing the measurements for how much seasoning she'll need.

Unsure whether it was a serious attempt at culinary art or a subtle parody, people have flocked to social media to comment on the clip.

Twitter user @Sarah_Sayers wrote: "I just watched Paris Hilton cook lasagne on YouTube twice because it’s so bad it’s good. I still don’t understand why she’s wearing those tiny fingerless gloves or why she’s using a bbq spatula in a Teflon pan?"

@SophiaMaalsen added: "Now that Fleabag is finished we have a new contender for the best comedy in the 2021 awards season."

While @carolinemooore quipped: "Finally, a cooking show where the chef is totally grossed out by everything she's doing. Cooking is inherently disgusting and Paris is the only one telling the truth."

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It seems the internet, and the over 200,000 people who have subscribed to the new cooking channel, will have to wait for the next instalment to work out whether this is all an elaborate hoax or not, with Paris finishing the video by asking her viewers to provide ideas for dishes to cook in her upcoming shows.


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