Outdoor Ranger discovers 10kg mushroom – and eats it

Outdoor access ranger Fiona Wishart stumbled upon a giant puffball mushroom weighing in at an incredible 10.6 kilograms as she did her rounds in Falkirk this week.

Published 19th Oct 2016
Updated 19 th Oct 2016

The exceptionally large mushroom had a short lifespan though as Fiona and 15 hungry colleagues in her office have already eaten it.

Fiona said: “It was an exceptionally large specimen. We found it on Monday and it weighed in at 10.6kg with a circumference of 1.5 metres.

“It was shared out amongst 15 people in our office who ate it dipped in bread and fried that night. It is the biggest mushroom I have ever found.”

Falkirk Council’s Ranger Service aims to protect and promote the local environment. One of its main functions is promoting the Scottish Outdoor Access Code which encourages the public to behave responsibly whilst exercising their rights of access to the countryside.

The team provides environmental education to anyone with an interest in the great outdoors in the form of events, guided walks, talks, information and hands-on practical activities.

• For more information visit www.falkirk.gov.uk, e-mail rangers@falkirk.gov.uk or call (01324) 504950.

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