Casual dining restaurant chain Nando's are getting into the Christmas spirit with the launch of a new festive menu.

Offering customers a “Peri” Christmas, Nando’s have announced two new seasonal additions to their popular menu, which will be available from the 16th of November until the 3rd of January.

PERi Berry Burger 


Picture: Nando’s

Combining two of Nando’s favourites in one burger, a flame-grilled boneless chicken thigh and chicken breast fillet.

Served in a Portuguese roll on a bed of baby spinach, the PERi-Berry Burger is topped off with a PERi-Berry Chutney featuring cranberries, raspberries and blueberries, infused with PERi-PERi Chillies – adding warmth and heat.

PERi-Orange Wings


Picture: Nando’s

A sticky treat with a touch of sweetness, the wings are topped off with a delicious tangy-taste-sensation PERi-Orange glaze.

Combined with Nando’s signature PERi-PERi, and available in a choice of heat levels, PERi-Orange wings are available in plates of three, five or ten wings.


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