A fish and chip shop in Livingston has created the ultimate treat for its customers by combining two of its most popular items.

The chip shop on the town’s Cameron Way has combined two takeaway favourites in the margherita pizza and chips and cheese to make a chips and cheese pizza.

The creation is already going down a storm on social media with the picture on the company’s Facebook page already attracting over 1,700 comments.

Using proper chippy chips and plenty of cheese, people flocked to the page to tag their friends and share the post (over 800 times so far).

NEW!!! Chips n cheese pizza 🍕 yum!!!

Posted by Knightsridge Chip Shop on Sunday, October 14, 2018

Priced at £5.50 for 10″, £7.50 for 12″ and £9.50 for 16″, the team say the pizza is proving popular with its customers.

They added that along with the Chinatown pizza (which has a curry sauce base and chicken toppings) it is one of their most asked for meals.

The Chinatown Pizza. Picture: KCS

Comments were posted by people from across the UK stating their desire to try it, with several calling it a “game changer” and others wanting to customise it by adding sauces such as garlic mayo, gravy and curry sauce.

Georgia Willett described it as “her kind of pizza”, while Chloe Pickering stated that it was her “two favourite things rolled into one”.

Another poster joked: “How am I supposed to diet when stuff like this pops up on my Facebook?”

Not everyone was happy with the offering, with several describing it as a “heart attack in a box”.

Scottish chippy goes viral after offering monster ‘crunchy box’ for a tenner

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