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KFC restaurants reopening in Scotland: Full list of Scottish branches open for delivery as 80 more announced

The popular fried chicken chain KFC will be reopening 80 more restaurants for delivery, here's where you can order for delivery in Scotland.

Published: April 30, 2020
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Fans of KFC in Scotland won't need to wait long for their fried chicken fix, as the chain in reopening more outlets.

The move comes as KFC re-opened 21 outlets, which had been closed due to the lockdown measures in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The full closure of all KFC eateries for sit down and takeaway meals happened in mid-March.

At the time of closing all restaurants, KFC said it would shut its doors to "protect the wellbeing and safety" of staff and customers.

On 14 April however, KFC delighted fans by reopening 11 branches for delivery - and pledged to donate meals to NHS and key workers.

Since then the team at KFC have said they'll be opening another 80 branches for delivery - "with stringent processes and hygiene measures put in place".

This means that there will be around 100 KFC outlets open by Monday 4 May. The full list of branches to re-open isn't available yet but we'll keep you updated.

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By opening more restaurants, KFC hopes to donate even more meals to NHS and key workers, the number of which is around 13,000 so far.

Fans can use the store locator tool on the website to find their nearest KFC.

Safety and the menu

The menu will be limited to limit the amount of staff needed across work stations, and staff work zones will be two metres apart with just one person per station.

The list of re-opened Scottish KFC restaurants

These KFC branches have re-opened, with more to follow soon.

  • Pollockshaw Road, Glasgow
  • Great Western Retail Park, Glasgow
  • Nitshill Road, Glasgow
  • Kingsgate Retail Park, East Kilbride
  • South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh
  • Helen Street, Govan Glasgow

Reopening Thursday 30 April

  • South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh
  •  Great North Road, Aberdeen

Reopening Friday 1 May

  • Helen Street, Govan Glasgow
  • Paisley Leisure Park, Glasgow

Paula MacKenzie, managing director for KFC UK & Ireland, said: "I’m really proud of the way we, with our franchise partners, have been able to carefully get some of our restaurants back open for delivery over the last two weeks.

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"This next stage allows us to continue to provide wider access to hot food for those who need it most, whether that’s key workers after a long shift or those working from home who need a quick, affordable dinner for the family."

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