Journalist attempts to eat 5,400 calorie 'munchy box' from Greenock chippy

A writer for the online magazine Vice has attempted to eat the 5,400 calorie 'munchy box' from a Greenock chippy.

Published 6th Sep 2018
Updated 6 th Sep 2018

Tom Usher traveled up from London to attempt the challenge as part of an article for Vice.

The 'crunch box' went viral last month after Scotsman journalist Ross McCafferty tweeted a picture of the large pizza box, which was filled with four different battered suppers, chips, onion rings, fritters and a two litre bottle of Irn-Bru, taken from a post by East West Spice Greenock.

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A Greenock resident himself, Mr McCafferty stated that he "couldn't believe the response" the post received, adding that it was only ever meant to be taken in jest.

The Tweet itself sparked a huge row on Twitter as people lined up to take sides as to whether the family-sized 'crunch box' was acceptable or not.

The debate caught the attention of news outlets UK-wide and our original story was quickly followed up by newspapers like The Sun and The Mirror as well as other media outlets such as Radio Clyde.

Following the media frenzy, Mr McCafferty was contacted by fellow journalist Tom Usher who wanted to meet him and make an attempt at eating the full 'crunch box' something Mr McCafferty has never actually done himself.

Meeting in Greenock, Mr Usher managed to finish off the majority of the box's contents but wasn't able to finish it all - leaving only a battered burger and a few chips.

The Vice writer couldn't eat the battered burger explaining that it tasted like a "fleshy air hockey puck", however he was massively impressed by the fritters and the battered pizza, which he described as "genuinely one of the best things he'd ever tasted in his life".


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