In numbers: Scotland's seafood industry

Whether its paella in Madrid, lobster and langoustines in Paris, sushi in Tokyo or bagels with lox in New York City, the fruits of Scotland's seas are found around the globe. Go figure...

Published 15th Oct 2015
Updated 17 th Feb 2016

One: The position of Scottish salmon on the UK's food export chart.

Two out of three: Proportion of the world's langoustines sourced in Scotland.

20: The number of Michelin-starred restaurants in Tokyo with Scottish salmon on the menu.

55 per cent: The increase in sales of salmon to France, Scotland's second-biggest salmon export market, which last year generated sales of £110 million.

59 per cent: The proportion of Scotland's food exports from fish and seafood.

65: The number of countries to which salmon was exported from Scotland last year.

71 per cent: The proportion of the worth of total UK overseas seafood exports provided by produce from north of the Border.

76: The number of countries to which Scottish seafood is currently exported.

105 per cent: The increase in value of salmon exports from Scotland to Germany in 2014, the fastest-growing European market for Scottish seafood.

180 per cent: The percentage by which Scottish seafood trade to Japan has increased since 2007, thanks in large part to demand for sashimi-grade Scottish salmon.

The west Highland hotel with 'Scotland's best restaurant' and access to tranquil island

953 per cent: The percentage by which overseas seafood exports from Scotland have risen since 2007.

2,000: Number of fishing boats working around Scotland's coast, manned by 5,000 fishermen.

6,160: The extent of Scotland's coastline in miles – 8 per cent of Europe's total coastline.

160,000 tonnes: The amount of whole, fresh Scottish salmon exported in 2014, the highest figure to date – 41,000 tonnes of it to the US.

£13 million: The value of Scottish salmon imported into the Middle East, an emerging market for Scottish exports.

Scotland's first official 'Tartan Army Pie' for Euro 2024 launched by prize family bakers

£38 million: The amount by which fish and seafood exports increased last year.

£43 million: What Scottish seafood exports were worth to China in 2014.

£50 million: The amount by which Scottish salmon sales increased last year.

£215 million: The worth of sales of Scottish salmon to the United States, Scotland's biggest food export market, last year.

£461 million: The worth of Scottish seafood exports to the UK economy in 2014.

Prize Scottish fish and chip shop transports foodies back to 1940s with prices

£500 million: The worth of overseas sales of Scottish salmon last year.

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