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Help feed the homeless this Christmas with Social Bite

Help Social Bite feed the homeless this Christmas - and next year - by donating just £5

Published: December 10, 2015

Social Bite will be once again opening their doors on Christmas Day  exclusively to provide meals for homeless people.

Last year the company made an appeal to the public for help with donations for around 800 Christmas dinners for £5 on


However, they smashed this target with Scots buying over 36,000 meals for the homeless.

This generosity allowed Social Bite to not only feed people on Christmas Day last year, but put enough money in the pot for them to feed the homeless every single day in 2015 in their shops in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Over the course of the year the company have given out almost 40,000 meals and even opened in the evenings exclusively for the homeless.

This year, founders Josh and Alice will be in their Rose St Edinburgh shop, serving Christmas dinner with all the trimmings; while the Glasgow team are opening up the St Vincent St shop on Christmas Day, and their Aberdeen team will be opening their doors on Christmas Eve - all just for the homeless and in need.

So they are once again asking for your support, in a bid to provide free food for the homeless not just at Christmas, but all year round - across all of Scotland.

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Social Bite are asking the public to share and spread the word for people to donate a meal. They will be launching their annual deal on for you to donate £5, on Monday 14th December at 7am.

Should you wish you can also donate in any of their stores now.

They have also asked for people to spread the word to any homeless people you see to come in and spend Christmas with them if they have nowhere else to be.

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