Glasgow Uni student charged £60,000 for chips and cheese

A cash-strapped student received a nasty surprise after she was charged £60,000 for a portion of chips and cheese on a night out in Glasgow.

Published 7th Oct 2016
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Third year history student Hannah received the shocking bill for a portion of chips and cheese at an Indian restaurant after a night out in the city.

The Glasgow University student's card was thankfully declined, but on closer inspection of the receipt after leaving Cafe India she discovered the potentially catastrophic mistake.

Picture: Hemedia
Picture: Hemedia

Hannah, who does not want to give her surname, had inadvertently managed to add her PIN to the end of the final sum on the card machine in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

She said: "I didn't realise what I'd been charged until my friend pointed it out.

"Then we were all confused like what on earth costs sixty grand in a Glaswegian takeaway.

"Obviously we know it was an accident but it was hilarious. Thank God my card declined."


The student did return to the restaurant to confirm she hadn't been charged the whopping sum for one box of the salty snack.


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