Supermarket staff have been accused of hatching a plan to find white Creme Eggs by opening them before shoppers have chance.

The new white editions will come in the same purple, red and yellow wrapping as milk chocolate editions, meaning shoppers are unable to differentiate from the outside.

The special editions will be eggcedingly difficult to find, as Cadbury’s has made only 350-400 of the chocolates, with each one worth at least £100.

A total of 33 worth are worth £1,000 and the ultimate egg is worth a whopping £2,000.

Egg-streme lengths

Sweet-toothed shoppers have vented online that the white Creme Eggs are being poached before they make it to shelves.

Blogger George Kimm wrote: “Nice to see that ALL the Creme Eggs in Sainsbury’s have been opened #whitecremeeggs.”

Jeanie said: “This white Creme Egg thing just means every single Creme Egg has been unwrapped and touched by some randoms in Tesco.”

One shopper in Essex told The Sun he had found dozens of opened eggs at his local Tesco Express.

“I opened one of the other boxes that was stacked in the store [below those on display] and they were the same. I can’t see how that could have been done by shoppers!”

Londoner @4ChordsNoNet wrote: “This will be the first year that I will not be eating any Cadbury’s Creme Eggs.

“Tried to buy some today and all the packets in Tesco (about 30 of them) had been opened, presumably by people wanting to see if any of the boxes had the prize winning white eggs in them.”

How to win

The prized white eggs are on sale in branches of Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Co-op and a selection of newsagents across the country.

The £2,000 white egg will only be found a branch of the Co-op.

Each winning white egg has a phone number printed on a voucher under the foil wrapping which winners need to call and reveal which shop and where it is.

Cadbury suggested the chance of a cash prize will inject a bit of excitement the traditional British Easter egg hunt.

“To add to the egg-citement, this year, there’s a rare white chocolate Creme Egg to hunt down,” said Cadbury in a statement.

“Those lucky enough to find the ‘highly prized’ egg will also be in with a chance of winning up to £1,000.”

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