For Cake’s Sake launch North East Scotland’s first ever ‘takeaway afternoon tea’

North East Scotland’s first ever ‘takeaway afternoon tea’ promises to be Dundee’s poshest carry-out – providing an altogether more sophisticated option than the usual takeaway choices. 

Published 12th Dec 2019
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

Confectionary connoisseurs For Cake’s Sake are hoping to offer anyone the chance to turn their office or home into the Ritz this Christmas, with a sumptuous selection of handmade sweet treats and savoury snacks that you’d usually only find in a grand hotel.

takeaway afternoon tea

For Cake’s Sake say the new afternoon tea service is a cut above traditional takeaways, and provides "a touch of class" to team lunches, special occasions and even Wednesday nights in front of the telly.

Each classic Afternoon Tea Box may include For Cake’s Sake’s secret recipe strawberry milkshake cake, raspberry and white chocolate cruffins, filled shorties and their awesome, handmade, chocolate truffles, as well as a selection of savouries that put the boring old cucumber sandwich in the shade.

For Cakes Sake Founder and Head Baker, Caroline Brackin, said: “I love afternoon tea, but I don’t love stuffy hotels or hovering waiters, that’s why I invented the Afternoon Tea Box.

“With For Cake’s Sake’s afternoon teas, you get to set the mood, whether you like to enjoy your afternoon tea curled up in front of the fire, in the ‘break out room’ with your work chums, or watching Die Hard for the twelfth time, that’s up to you (we won’t judge you).

“Why not order an afternoon tea for a date night treat once the kids are in bed? Or to share with an elderly relative who finds it hard to get out and about? There’s even a Waggy Tea you can share with your dog!

“Wherever and however you decide to enjoy your afternoon tea, just make sure you leave room for our delicious macarons.”

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