Five foods to eat to give you energy throughout the whole day

There's nothing worse than feeling tired all day and struggling to get tasks done, so we asked a nutritionist to pick out five foods that you can eat to give you energy throughout the whole day.

Published 16th Feb 2018
Updated 16 th Feb 2018

We spoke to Edinburgh-based nutritional therapist Mary Cotter, who runs, to ask for her expert advice on which foods you should eat to ensure you maintain your energy throughout the day.

Five foods to give you energy

For Breakfast


foods to give you energy

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Mary said: "For breakfast I recommend starting with oats, because they help to balance blood sugar and they provide a slow release of energy over the course of the morning, which, unlike other breakfast cereals, won't cause severe energy highs and lows which then create weight gain and cravings."

Mid-Morning snack

A handful of mixed raw nuts

foods to give you energy

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Mary said: "A small amount of nuts - just a cupped handful - provides healthy fats, as well as being high in fibre and protein, which means you are going to be fuller for longer, making them far more energising than a cereal bar, a chocolate bar or some crisps."


Soup with lentils or beans

foods to give you energy

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Mary said: "For lunch I recommend some soup with lentils and\or beans because both are a source of B-vitamins and iron, and both of those things help to create energy.

"They are also really high in fibre and vegetable protein which again will keep your energy levels sustained far longer."

Late afternoon snack


Foods that give you energy

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Mary said: "If you make your own popcorn, or buy the ready salted version, it is low in calories and low in fat as well as being high in fibre, making it filling and energising, especially when compared to other common snacks.

"It's also a whole grain, so the energy is slowly released avoiding crashes and cravings - be careful not to buy the buttery or sugary versions though."



foods to give you energy


Mary said: "For dinner I recommend eggs as a fast and convenient energy dense nutritious food, which is very versatile meaning you can create meals like omelettes with vegetables, egg fried rice or even just a boiled egg if you are in the mood for a snack.

"They are filled with vitamins and minerals and they are high in protein meaning they will keep you fuller for longer."

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