Famous American teppanyaki restaurant chain Benihana set to open venue in Glasgow

Hugely popular US Teppanyaki restaurant chain Benihana has announced it will soon be opening a restaurant in the heart of Glasgow’s city centre.

Published 23rd Nov 2018
Updated 23 rd Nov 2018

The brand say their new restaurant, which will open early 2019, will feature iconic teppanyaki favourites like Hibachi steak, chicken and shrimp, as well as sushi and sashimi.

How the new restaurant will look. Picture: Benihana

There will also be a lively bar area for guests to enjoy an array of small dishes, premium sakes and beverages, including drinks from the newly launched cocktail menu curated by globally renowned mixologist The Cocktail Professor.

Located on the west side of West Nile Street between Gordon Street and Drury Lane, the globally recognised teppanyaki steakhouse will be able to accommodate over 100 guests.

It will feature nine teppan tables where guests can experience a fast-paced performance of chopping and juggling by their own personal chef, that creates an "exciting and entertaining teppanyaki-style dining experience for all ages".

The chain say the new Glasgow venue will feature new aesthetics for the company with a minimal palette and authentic materials complemented by "luxurious Japanese aesthetics", such as charred timber detailing and anime wall graphics.

The announcement will be a first time entry for the brand in Scotland that as it celebrates its 55th anniversary next year.


Richard Mackay, Managing Director Benihana Ltd, said: “Benihana is a pioneer in introducing Japanese cuisine to global palates and has been entertaining guests from all over the world for more than 50 years.

"We are excited to confirm the new restaurant in Glasgow will open in early 2019. As Benihana moves into an exciting new era, guests will see a beautiful new design concept that marries authentic Japanese visuals with a modern palette and texturised materials.

Mackay added that as it is the "first restaurant to open in more than 20 years in the UK", it is an important milestone in the company's growth strategy, he said: "This is an important period as the prised restaurant looks to evolve, both through new bricks and mortar, as well as culinary experience. I would like to thank the Benihana Board of Directors and Minor International in their support to making the aspirations of expansion a reality.”

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Benihana opened its doors back in 1964 with just four tables to entertain guests when iconic founder ‘Hiroki ‘Rocky’ Aoki’ first launched the brand.

The Glasgow openeing will complement the popular chain's three existing restaurants in the UK (London; Piccadilly, Chelsea, and St Paul’s), as well as the established 16 additional international restaurants across Europe.

Benihana will be recruiting staff across its front and back of house, including its time-honoured teppanyaki chefs. For more information about careers at Benihana, visit: www.benihana.co.uk/careers.

• For more information about the launch visit: www.benihanainternational.com

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