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Edinburgh’s @pizza creates first ever drive through and offers 50% off to all customers

The world’s First @pizzaToGo ‘Drive-Thru’ launches in Edinburgh with the hugely popular pizzeria stating that it'll also offer 50 per cent off pizza for all customers. 

Published: March 20, 2020
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The pizza restaurant said the new drive-through offers a socially distant collection solution to the current restrictions employed by the government.

The no.1 rated pizza restaurant in Edinburgh on Tripadvisor, @pizza made waves when they first arrived with the claim that they could make your perfect pizza in “just 90 seconds”, they since gained popularity with the capital's pizza fans due to their highly customisable menu, meaning anyone popping in can have a pizza made to their spec (for a fixed price of £9.95) with four different cheeses, five sauces and over 35 versatile toppings.

Speaking about the launch, a spokesperson for the pizzeria brand said: "At a time when everyone is feeling the pinch, @pizza are dropping pizza prices dramatically because we’re all in this together. Whether you are out on essential work or feeling the pinch as wages drop, @pizza is doing all they can to ease the pressure for all."

The new ‘drive-thru’ pizza collection will allow customers to pre-order and pay on the app before driving or walking into Charlotte Lane to collect their food, which will be ready and waiting for them without the need for direct contact.

Rupert Lyle, co-founder of @pizza explained that they have created the new ‘drive-thru’ pizza to enable people to minimise any contact while still enjoying fantastic food, he said:  “Not everyone has the luxury of being able to stay at home, so we’re here for those who need to be out and about or those who decide to break the solitude or monotony of self-isolation or social distancing by going for a drive.”

Pizza fans can download the @pizza app here, with payments made electronically and pizzas collected at the door, or even from their car in Charlotte Lane.

Customer can also call ahead on 0131 285 5940 to pre-order and reduce their dwell time, there are also other deals on delivery platforms Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat.

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