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Edinburgh's Cafe St Honoré receives Organic Served Here award

Edinburgh restaurant Cafe St Honoré has announced it is the first in the UK to hold the Organic Served Here award.

Published: April 13, 2016
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The restaurant has been awarded three stars out of five by the Soil Association in recognition of their sourcing. 50-75 per cent of all ingredients used hail from certified organic farmers, growers and processors.

Organic Served Here recognises restaurants, cafes and eateries committed to serving organic food. Launched this month, initially in Scotland only, the award encourages chefs and restaurateurs to share their commitment to organic food with their customers, whilst providing a reliable way for diners to find establishments serving food made with certified organic ingredients.

Neil Forbes, Chef Director at Cafe St Honoré said: "I feel very honoured to accept the UK's first Soil Association Organic Served Here award.

"I strongly believe that everyone should have access to good food, and good food starts even before the seed is planted, with our soil quality determining the quality of the food we eat. This award encourages everyone who prepares and sells food to think about that quality. So let's all grow, cook, eat and learn together, and be part of a future of better food for all."


Chef Neil Forbes with the award.

Chef Neil Forbes with the award.

Alison Muirhead, Business Development Manager at Soil Association Scotland said: “We are very excited that Cafe St Honoré have become the first restaurant to hold our Organic Served Here award. The team are a great example of what’s possible with organic, sourcing 50 – 75 per cent of their ingredients from certified organic suppliers, which is a huge achievement. Everyone that chooses to dine there can know that by doing so, they aren’t just getting a wonderful meal; they are supporting top-quality organic farmers and suppliers, bringing you ingredients produced to the highest standards of care for the environment and animal welfare.”

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