Edinburgh nightclub offering McDonald's delivery to tables

Popular George Street nightclub Why Not is offering a McDonald's delivery to hungry revellers

Published 11th Sep 2018
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

We've all been there - out for the night and totally starving for something to soak up the alcohol.

Instead of searching the streets for a 24 hour takeaway, Why Not nightclub in Edinburgh's George Street, is offering a McDonald's deliver to any pre-booked tables.

Announced on their Facebook page, the team said: "Edinburgh's #1 new night kicks off this Friday from 10:30pm and every pre booked table package gets to order McDonalds AND we deliver it RIGHT.TO.YOUR.TABLE!"

The delicious delivery service is part of the club's new night, Drama Fridays, which is set to launch this Friday (15 September).


Table bookings start from £50 and include a bottle or bottles of spirits and mixers, as well as the chance to enjoy your Happy Meal or Big Mac at the table.

How it works:

1. Tables must have a pre paid table package booked in order for use to deliver McDonald's to your table.

2. The team's Drama Queens will take orders between 12am and 1am.  They will give you a form to order with.

3. Your McDonald's will be delivered to your table by 2am.

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