Edinburgh eatery is offering the capital's only pizza breakfast with pizza dough bacon butties

A pizza bar in the capital has launched a breakfast menu featuring stone baked pizza dough bacon butties and breakfast pizzas. 

Published 26th Jun 2019
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Edinburgh’s very first ‘pizza pub’ and the latest offering from Civerinos, ‘The High Dive’ pizza bar, which is situated on St, Leonard’s Street at the site of the former Old Montague Bar, will also be offering Bross Bagels Brosserino pizza bagels, Civs granola bowls and superfruit smoothies as part of the new menu.

Edinburgh pizza breakfast

The pizza dough bacon butties. Picture: Civerinos

Open from 9am, with complimentary filter coffee and wifi, the breakfast menu also features their exclusive breakfast pizzas.

Starting from £5, the Civerinos Slice specials come with both vegetarian and vegan options, as well as the Works, a pizza which includes black pudding, BBQ sauce and baked beans and is described as "perfect for starting your day off in style".

The laid-back eatery officially opened in April and is part of the Civerinos chain - already well-known across the city for their New York style wood-fired pizzas and modern Italian street food, which has two already established city centre locations - ‘Civerinos’ at Hunter Square on The Royal Mile and ‘Civerinos Slice’ at Forrest Road.

The menu will also feature smoothies and bagels. Picture: Civerinos

Owner and executive director, Michele Civiera stated that their breakfast offering will be available every day until noon: "It is the new evolution of the neighbourhood pub. This new incantation takes it from the traditional boozer to a space that is open all day providing healthy fresh breakfasts and smoothie bowls.

"The Civerinos pizza dough butty came about when we wanted to add to that healthy vibe a traditional staple. We had no rolls to hand so we got our pizza dough and formed the perfect breakfast pizza dough butty. The rest is Edinburgh folklore."

The High Dive, Edinburgh, restaurant review

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