Deliveroo restaurant service lands in Scotland

Published 3rd Jun 2015
Updated 18 th Sep 2023

A takeaway is a takeaway. Sometimes they're great, but most of the time they don't need to be.

Since launching in London in 2013, Deliveroo has worked to raise expectations of what a takeaway can be with a simple premise: instead of going out to eat at a restaurant, the restaurant now comes to you.

The UK service, which has fed more than 100,000 people across eight cities, has launched in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and has enlisted a total of 49 restaurants across Scotland's two largest cities.

Deliveries take an average of 32 minutes and cost £2.50. Orders are processed via their website.

Among the restaurants in Glasgow to sign up to the firm's roster are Old Salty's, The Squid & Whale and Pacific.

Ice cream parlour S. Luca, Japanese restaurant Hakataya and Laila's Bistro will be among the 26 eateries on the menu for Deliveroo customers in Edinburgh.

Caroline Hazlehurst, the regional manager for the firm's operation in Scotland and the north east of England, said:

“We’re really excited about bringing Deliveroo to Edinburgh and Glasgow. The food scene in Scotland is enviable and the restaurant scene thriving, yet up until now food delivery services haven’t catered for those who want to enjoy premium restaurant food at home or at their desk.

"We’re working with a superb and eclectic selection of Scottish restaurants so it’s time to treat food-lovers in Scotland to the flexibility and level of service that Deliveroo is known for.”

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Ray Philp has been at the Scotsman since 2011. Since then, he has written widely about music in magazines such as Red Bull Music Academy Magazine and Resident Advisor, and was a former editor and regular contributor at The Skinny magazine.
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