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Day in the Life: Chris Findlay, owner of Findlay’s Grocers

This new Gilmore Place shop sells fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat and artisan produce

Published: June 17, 2022


My morning starts with the puppy, Milo, desperately trying to get through to the bedroom to jump under the covers. I’m sure he lives for this every morning. While he tucks himself into my bed I get up and get his breakfast ready and make a fresh brew from Space Boy Coffee. That’s us all up and the day has started


I have a wee potter and get myself ready to head to the shop. Milo and I walk to and from work most days, it wakes us both up and gives me time to plan my day around what orders I need to place and what produce I’ve got coming in.


We arrive at work and our day starts straight away, when we have to check off our daily deliveries of fresh fruit and veg. I pop the kettle on again and get the shop ready to open.


We’re open for business but it’s now breakfast time. I’m currently really enjoying having super fresh smoothies for my breakfast. With all the amazing and fresh seasonal produce in the shop I’m  spoiled for choice. Today it was carrot, ginger, celery, lemon and banana with a good helping of oat milk from The Three Robins. It’s packed full of flavour, vitamins and nutrients. Lovely and zingy

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After a morning of serving all of our fabulous customers it time to grab a quick bit to eat. I’m fortunate to have two amazing cafes on my doorstep: Kafe Kweer and Glow Cafe. Both serve delicious vegan options for lunch and have the best staff you can ask for.


I take a little break and have a quick walk round the block. Milo is delighted as he gets to walk along the Union Canal and take in all the sighs and smells. Often we spot ducks or swans on our walk and he is always confused and intrigued by them in equal measures. It’s also the perfect time for an afternoon snack. I like to have a wee nibble on some Perello olives or some cheese and crackers from IJ Mellis, as does Milo.

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If it’s been a particularly busy day, it’s very handy that one of my favourite pubs, Argyle Bar, is almost exactly halfway home. The staff there are amazing and they often have some live music on, plus they are dog friendly.


It’s time to sit down and eat dinner. Usually my husband cooks dinner and he has so many options at his fingertips. We cook with fresh ingredients every night and he often puts in a request for produce as I’m getting ready to head home. The store also carries a range of dried goods and groceries, so our cupboards are always stocked with pasta, preserves and condiments that can be thrown into any dish.

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I find myself on the sofa with my feet up. Right now I’m binge watching The Flight Attendant and The Outlaws. Both are witty with twists and turns to keep me hooked. My guilty pleasure is Air Crash Investigation. I love anything to do with aviation.



8 St Peter’s Buildings, Gilmore Place,

Gaby Soutar is a lifestyle editor at The Scotsman. She has been reviewing restaurants for The Scotsman Magazine since 2007 and edits the weekly food pages.

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