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Where can you get the best burger on St Vincent Street?

We are asking you to help us crown Glasgow's burger champion and enter into our draw to win a fantastic prize from Deliveroo

Published: August 27, 2015

Glasgow loves a good rammy and right now there's a hell of a stramash on St Vincent street as many of the city's best burger joints go head to head on a daily basis to see who is the most popular.

Thankfully, the competition has bred some truly outstanding burgers and Glaswegians have been more than happy to reap the benefits.

Deliveroo-logo-colour-text-underneath-English-tagline-300x300pxTo celebrate National Burger Day, we thought we'd hold a little competition, so we've teamed up with premium restaurant food delivery experts Deliveroo to find out who you think makes the best burger on Glasgow's burger boulevard.

We are asking you to vote on who you think is the best of our four competitors below and in return you'll be entered into our competition for your chance to win a delivery from any of Deliveroo's partner restaurants for an order up to £50 delivered to your door for free.

Without further ado, here are our contenders:

Handmade Burger Company

(78 St Vincent Street, Lanarkshire, Glasgow G2 5UB, 0141 221 7437)


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Having already gained quite a big following from their restaurants in Silverburn and Braehead, it was a natural fit for the HBC when they moved to St Vincent St.

Their menu is one of the most extensive around and includes their excellent collaboration with Jimmy's Farm and their gorgeous BBQ Pit range.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

( 65 St Vincent St, Glasgow, UK G2 5TF, 0141 248 2037)

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First arriving in London in 2001, the Gourmet Burger Kitchen set out to revolutionise the gourmet burger market.

Their speciality burgers include Persian Lamb, Buffalo Meat and pork and chorizo. Even a slight controversy regarding their 'Glaswegian' menu, couldn't dampen their popularity when the arrived on Glasgow's St Vincent St.

Five guys

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(57-61 St Vincent St, Glasgow G2 5SH, 0141 221 2186)


The big American import has really been making waves since it arrived. Crossing the threshold between gourmet burger and fast food, Five Guys offers a little bit of Americana with its drive through style aesthetic.

Their burgers are all made using fresh ingredients, and with its endless customisation you are given the choice to create a truly bespoke burger uniquely catered for you.

Bread meats Bread

(104 St Vincent St, Glasgow, Glasgow City G2 5UB, 0141 249 9898)


The only independent on this list, with laid back style that perfectly suits Glasgow, Bread Meets Bread loves to showcase its own unique methodology.

Their burger menu comes in three sections – house blend, red label and black label, with the red and black label offerings being made from more premium cuts of meat. The burgers themselves come with some very unique appellations - such as the wonderfully named 'Scotalian' and 'Spartan'  burgers - and are made with a variety of unusual ingredients such as lobster meat, salami and tzatziki.

To vote, just pick your favourite from the list below and enter your details with your name, address (including your postcode) and phone number in the form below, for your chance to win:

• Deliveroo offers customers a service that allows them to have quality restaurant food delivered direct to their homes or offices. Customers simply need to select dishes, pay online at and have their order delivered fresh within an average time of 32 minutes from noon until 11pm.

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