Comedian Limmy creates hilarious techno version of Fry’s Turkish Delight theme

Glaswegian comedian Limmy has created a hilarious techno version of the theme to the iconic 80s advert for Fry's Turkish Delight.

Published 11th Jan 2017
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Most Scots are well aware of comedian Brian Limond's alter ego Limmy's surreal comical genius and his latest project has a hilarious hit of nostalgia for fans of a particular iconic 80s chocolate bar.

The star of popular podcast Limmy’s World of Glasgow and surreal BBC sketch series Limmy’s Show created the tune using the TV advert's cheesy panpipe music (watch below for an instant hit of nostalgia for the heyday of awkward TV ads - using slogans like "full of Eastern Promise" and badly dressed actors staring at the camera seductively).

Limmy’s dance track riffs on the theme of the original ad before overlaying himself stating that he likes Turkish Delight and debating whether the chocolate treat is actually any good, check out the song below:

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