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Chef who served £1.15 Asda Camembert as part of £13 dish dismissed by restaurant

A chef working at a restaurant that was criticised by a scathing review online for serving an Asda camembert to a customer paying £12.95 for the dish has been dismissed over the incident.

Published: April 16, 2018
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The diner was left baffled after she ordered the baked Camembert dish at the Severn Shed restaurant in Bristol - and was served a £1.15 Asda one still in the wrapper.

Customer Emma Daniels chose the sharing starter at Severn Shed to eat with her partner.

But after tucking into the dish she flipped over the packet and discovered the dish had seemingly been bought from Asda and was still in the supermarket packaging.

She took to TripAdvisor and left a two out of five review for the Bristol eatery.

She wrote: "When we go out to eat we realise you pay for more than just the ingredients, you pay for atmosphere, staff, cooking etc etc.

"What I didn't expect was to order a sharing starter of Camembert and to be served Asda's own brand Camembert in the original packaging!!

"Even when I cook it at home I cook it in a terracotta dish!!"

Emma from Bristol said the dish arrived on a board with bread, chutney and the cooked cheese sitting upside down inside the Asda wrapper.

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She said it was "really nice" but when they finished they flipped the lid over and discovered the Asda wrapper.

Emma added on her review: "From there my expectations sunk and weren't lifted - the mains were bland and we felt we could have cooked better at home.

"Cocktails were tasty and nicely presented and were the only good thing of our visit.

"Service charge is added sneakily on your bill so you don't really notice.

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"I certainly didn't and wish I had as the service after our mains were delivered was practically non existent.

"I didn't notice the service charge as I was reeling at being charged £13 for Asda's £1.15 Camembert.

"Got given a loyalty card at the end - I don't think so."

The strange affair even comedian David Mitchell to write a column for the Guardian on the matter.

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Speaking to The Caterer magazine, newly appointed Severn Shed general manager Ashley Kirwan, confirmed that the member of staff in charge of the kitchen is “no longer in the business”

Kirwan added that the cheese incident was "absolutely not normal practice".

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