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Cheesemonger Joe Bangles goes viral on Twitter after documenting famous people's favourite cheeses

A retired cheesemonger has made a name for himself online, as he has started to document celebrities favourite cheese.

Published: November 10, 2020
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Joe Bangles has created a website and named himself 'cheesemonger to the stars'.

The retired cheesemonger has made a name for himself online, since he started asking famous faces what their favourite cheese is.

He has then used this information to create a website, which documents 'cheesy celebs birthdays', which include: Frank Bruno, Danny Wallace, Limmy,  Professor Brian Cox, Pink and Mark Hamill.

So far Joe says he has over 600 replies from celebrities telling him their favourite cheeses.

Cheese fans can search for their favourite celebrity or cheese to find out which famous cheese fans prefer cheddar to Gouda.

Writing on his website, Joe explains how it all came about: "After a bottle of whiskey, I asked Lord Alan Sugar what his favourite cheese was. Sugartits replied. 200+ celebrity cheeses later, the mission continues."

Joe recently hosted a cheese quiz with Rickie, Melvin and Charlie on BBC Radio 1, and recently tweeted Nicola Sturgeon to ask what her favourite cheese is.

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To find out more about Joe and celebrity cheese fans, visit his website here.

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