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Channel 5 programme names 'UK's top crisps' and people are not happy with the results

People are taking to social media to express their outrage after a TV programme on Channel 5 announced that Pringles, Doritos and Walkers were the nation's favourite crisps.

Published: March 25, 2019
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Britain's Favourite Crisps, which aired on Channel 5 on Sunday night, ranked the different savoury snacks in a popular online pyramid format which saw the three most voted for brands placed in the 'God Tier'.

Other offerings were then ranked in Top Tier, Mid Tier and the 'Don't come anywhere near me with these...' bottom tier.

However, many of the placements left people angered as their favourites were ranked close to the bottom or not at all.

Some even went as far as to complain that some of the choices didn't count as crisps.

One person wrote: "To me this reads, 'Britains Worst Crisps' Pringles WtF."

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While another added: "This is the worst thing Channel 5 have ever done which is saying something from the channel which gave us Naked Jungle."

Mostly, it was the winning choices that did not prove popular.

Twitter user @MoodySlayerUK wrote: "Pringles? This pyramid is a disgrace and Channel 5 needs to be taken off the air."

Author Aaron Gillies joked: "You can't be surprised that a vote to find Britain's favourite type of crisps gave such poor results. We are so sh*t at voting for the right thing I'm surprised the top rated crisp wasn't a shoe."

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While TV presenter Hayley McQueen took a different tact, bemoaning the lack of Frazzles and Discos and stating that Mini Cheddars weren't even crisps.

Another person stated that Monster Munch not even making the top ten was a "national scandal".

Others went as far as to offer their own rankings:

What do you think of the rankings? Who made make your pyramid?


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