Celebrate World Pasta Day at award-winning Glasgow restaurant and deli

October is National Pasta Month, with World Pasta Day today (October 25). Iin the UK our love affair with the traditional Italian cuisine is stronger than ever.

Published 25th Oct 2018
Updated 25 th Oct 2018

Thankfully, in the heart of Glasgow's West End, there is an authentic Italian restaurant showcasing exactly what 'real' pasta is.

Eusebi in Glasgow’s West End is owned by Giovanna Eusebi, a third generation Italian-Scot who has grown up eating Scottish produce with an Italian twist.

The original Eusebi Deli first opened in Shettleston over 40 years ago. In 2015, the new West End restaurant opened on Park Road offering a dining experience similar to a typical Italian household.

Giovanna tells us about the importance of ‘real food’ and why we should be celebrating this World Pasta Day.


Picture: Nonna Maria

“Ever since I was little, pasta was a staple in my diet. From a simple ‘sugo’ or tomato sauce to a rich ragù that is slow cooked for days, pasta is a delicious and cost-effective meal that the whole family can enjoy.

"It’s also super easy to cook and you can adapt recipes to suit everyone’s tastes. One of my favourite pasta dishes can be found in the seaside towns of Italy. The fresh seafood pasta has some of the most amazing flavour combinations you’ll ever find!

“Sadly, there has been an influx of imitation products on supermarket shelves and even in restaurants that are lacking true Italian ingredients or passion.

"Real pasta should be made with just fresh eggs and flour and nothing else! There’s no need for preservatives or chemical additions. At Eusebi, we make our pasta fresh every single day in our ‘pasta lab’.


Tagliatelle al Tartufo by Giovanna Eusebi. Picture: Gerardo Jaconelli

"We do this because we want to ensure that every single guest that comes through our door gets an authentic Italian experience. We would never serve something that I wouldn’t be happy to serve to my family. After all, the restaurant is like an extension of my own home!

“My parents opened the Shettleston deli over 40 years ago. Every day, the freshly made pasta was rolled out by hand.

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"Each strand that was served was created with love, care and attention and I’m proud to say that’s still the case in Eusebi today.

"We carefully select each of our ingredients, whether they come from local suppliers in Glasgow or over in Italy to ensure our customers get the freshest food, full of the best flavours.

“My Nonna, Maria who lived in Italy, was the inspiration for the food we create, right down to the pasta making.

"Maria’s food was homegrown and made with love. It is the type of food that everyone should be eating, every day. When we opened Eusebi, I wanted her food and passion to live on. I adapted all of her simple ways of fresh, seasonal cooking and this still the basis for our menu today.

"We are fighting against a climate of fake, fast food and I am determined to slow things down. We make everything from scratch to share our passion with a new generation, and we will keep fighting until people understand the value of genuine, honest cooking.

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“Real, authentic pasta is delicious and we should all be enjoying it throughout the year. Just make sure you’re getting the real deal and you aren’t being short-changed when you’re dining out. You don't have to be in Italy to have great pasta.

"We might not have the sunshine in Glasgow but we can guarantee your taste buds will be transported to the Mediterranean shores with our pasta dishes and a glass of vino bianco at Eusebi!”

Eusebi Deli is located at 152 Park Road in Glasgow. For more information or to book your table at the home of authentic pasta visit their website.

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