Supermarket chain Lidl have released a new flavour of their seasonal crisps that will be appealing to gin fans.

Given the popularity of gin this festive season, Lidl, who are already well known for their support of Scotland’s gins, have gone one step further by creating unique Gin & Juniper Roast Pork flavour crisps.

Gin Crisps

Picture: Lidl

The snack, which is part of the deluxe range of festive hand cooked crisps from the supermarket chain that also includes pulled pork and wild flower honey flavour, will go on sale across the UK, priced at 99p.

Posting on their Facebook page the brand wrote: “Add some crunch to your lunch with these hand cooked potato crisps. Tasty, crunchy goodness.”

Add some crunch to your lunch with these hand cooked potato crisps. Tasty, crunchy goodness 😍​In store today.​

Posted by Lidl UK on Thursday, November 2, 2017

Reaction was mixed, though many were intrigued by the new flavour.

One user posted: “I will be eating gin crisps while drinking a raspberry gin after work tonight and it’s gonna be amazing.”

While another joked: “Look you can legally have gin at lunch time and no one can do anything about it.”

Not everyone was happy about the new flavour though as one irritated poster added: “What’s wrong with a good old Prawn Cocktail or Worcestershire Sauce flavour?”

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