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Award-winning Scottish chippy Tony's stars in BBC Two's Britain's Top Takeaways show

The Coatbridge chippy is one of the takeaways featured on the new BBC Two programme.

Published: May 9, 2022

Tony’s Fish and Chips stars in the first episode of the new BBC show, which is looking to find the UK’s best takeaways.

Presented by Sara Cox and comedian Darren Harriott, the show pits five local restaurants of the same genre against each other.

The show has a theme each week, with tonight’s (9 May) programme focussing on a British classic - fish and chips.

Each takeaway team are tasked with creating a dish, with members of the public in Manchester rating each meal in a bid to find the best.

Tony’s, which is located in Coatbridge, are the only Scottish participants in this episode and are hoping to wow the judges with their haddock supper.

The secret to their batter is the use of ice cold Scottish water, said owner Hugh Innes who was joined on the show by manager William Limerick.

Judges in the first round were wowed by the size of fish and crispy batter, but one family did comment that it wasn’t ‘blowing their mind.’

Hugh and William were awarded two points for their breaded fish supper and only one point of their battered fish and chips.

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In the second round, the duo created a haddock and potato fritter and for the vegetarian course, they served up a deep fried chip butty with curry sauce and a mushy pea and potato fritter, which went down well.

But it was the scores from a Manchester boxing club - who all loved their dishes - that raised the overall score for Tony's.

Tony’s retained its place in the list of best UK fish and chip shops this year - a list compiled annual by industry publication Fry Magazine.

Sabzi in Edinburgh will star in the next episode. The Singh family, who offer a menu of Punjabi street food - including dishes like Bombay chilli cheese toastie, aloo anda and mattar paneer samosas - didn’t apply to be on the show.

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