Asda unveils new Game of Thrones inspired festive meat centrepiece

Asda are giving Game of Thrones fans the opportunity to ditch the turkey this Christmas with the release of medieval style festive meat centrepiece.

Published 23rd Nov 2017
Updated 30 th Nov 2017

The supermarket chain say they were inspired by the opulent feasting banquets shown on the popular TV series to create what they describe as a "medieval meat masterpiece".

The brand say the Extra Special Triple Lamb Crown is their answer to the demand for ‘tear and share’ style dining.

Game of Thrones
Picture: Asda

The lavish creation consists of three Welsh-sourced lamb racks that form the structure of a Christmas crown, filled with festive fruit stuffing, drizzled with a pork and mint jus and decorated with botanical rosemary sprigs for the final flourish..

Kathryn Nicholson, development and innovation manager at Asda, believes the showstopper is best devoured alongside golden roast potatoes, parsnips and paired with a goblet of robust red wine, she said: “The fictional banquet halls of Game of Thrones and times gone by are set to inspire festive feasting this Christmas and impressive joints of meat will take centre stage.

"Our Triple Lamb Crown is a striking showstopper that will be sure to knock the socks off your loved ones and add a whole new level of luxury and indulgence to your Christmas banquet.”

The creation is the brainchild of the winner of the 2017 Golden Apron competition, 18-year-old Zacharias Abbot from York.

The competition seeks to find Yorkshire’s best young chef and the win gave Zacharias the opportunity to design a range of Christmas products for Asda, and so the Triple Lamb Crown was born.

The new product will be available from 19th December nationwide with an RRP of £16.50.

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