To celebrate Burns’ night and the life of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns, food artist Prudence Staite was invited by Toby Carvery to create a Burns’ breakfast with a twist.

In commemoration of the poet’s 257th birthday, the family carvery brand commissioned Prudence to create an edible portrait of Robert Burns.

The artist then used items from Toby Carvery’s new breakfast menu – including Scottish Lorne sausage and potato cakes – to create the 60cm x 40cm work of appetising art.

Toby Carvery Commissions Robert Burns' Food Art To Luanch Its New Scottish Breakfast Ingredients

The art work includes 33 Scottish Lorne sausages, 35 potato cakes and 8 of Toby’s famous breakfast Yorkshire puddings, along with mushrooms, baked beans, bacon and eggs.

Brand manager of Toby Carvery, Rachel Westwood, said: “Toby Carvery has been offering an extensive breakfast menu for a number of years but this is the first time we’ve added traditional Scottish items to the selection.

“There has been a high demand for Lorne sausages and potato cakes for a while now, so when better to introduce them than on one of Scotland’s most popular celebratory days!”

Prudence Staite, who has been creating art using food for over 15 years, said: “Toby Carvery approached me to see whether I could so something with their breakfast menu and I said yes and I decided to create the portrait of Robert Burns.

“For the skin I decided to use scrambled egg, as they are quite light in colour, I used the lorne sausage and gravy to make the darker areas and the potato cakes for his cravat.

“I am quite happy with how it turned out, it is great way to celebrate Burns Night.”

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