Aberdeenshire chippy launches deep fried battered Jaffa Cakes

An Aberdeenshire chippy has created its own unique take on deep fried chocolate by offering its customers battered Jaffa Cakes.

Published 23rd Sep 2019
Updated 23 rd Sep 2019

The team at the Blootoon Fish Bar in Peterhead posted a picture of the new creation on their Facebook, with the sweet treat priced at £2.

deep fried Jaffa Cakes
The Jaffa Cakes are already proving popular online. Picture: TBTFB

A spokesperson for the chippy said: "We are always looking to try new stuff when frying and decided to try Jaffa Cakes.

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"We already do Mars Bars, Snickers and Twix - we've even tried battered Creme Eggs - the Jaffa is just something new we are hoping will be a hit."

The area is famous for having launched the craze for deep-fried chocolate in the 90s, with the deep-fried Mars Bar invented by The Haven, a fish and chip bar in Stonehaven now known as the Carron Fish Bar.

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Though the responses to the new offering were mostly positive, the reaction to the post has been a bit mixed.

One user joked: "I’m never going to be thin. Sign me up for a few hundred of these."

While another asked if they were "giving out free samples".

However, someone else added that the Jaffa Cakes had been "ruined".

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Would you try them?

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