A new Outlander cookbook is coming out next month - here's what's inside

The sequel to the Outlander Kitchen cookbook is set for release next month, with pre-orders being taken now.

Published 29th May 2020
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

The Outlander Kitchen cookbook is billed as the official companion to the hit drama series in which a Second World War nurse is transported to Highland Scotland in 1743.

The first cookbook was released in 2016 and the follow up, Outlander Kitchen 2: To the New World and Back Again - is due for release on 2 June.

Speaking about her first cookbook, Canadian author said: “Outlander Kitchen is so much more than just merchandise; it is a creative collection of tested, doable recipes from the past and present that encourages book and TV fans to cook alongside their favourite fictional characters for company."

Carle-Sanders adds that the book was never intended to be a Scottish cookbook but simply a cookbook inspired by the series of books created by Diana Gabaldon, she adds: “Outlander Kitchen is a cookbook based on the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

"While Outlander begins in Scotland, and we return to Jamie Fraser’s homeland more than once in the eight books, the bulk of the story after Dragonfly in Amber (book 2) actually takes place outside of Scotland.

“Claire and Jamie eventually settle in 18th Century Colonial America, in the backwoods of what is now known as North Carolina, after a few stops along the way.

“From that point of view, Outlander Kitchen is not a Scottish cookbook – it’s an Outlander cookbook. That’s not to say that the cookbook doesn’t highlight a number of Scottish fare."

The same can also be said of the new book as it contains a mix of traditional inspired and modern recipes that fit around the latest series of the hit show.

What's in the second cookbook?

Outlander cookbook

Recipes in the book include those inspired by the old-world, as new-world adaptations plus character-inspired dishes.

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Dishes fall into categories including appetisers, beef, pork, seafood, side dishes, breads and baking, drinks and condiments - meaning a real Outlander inspired feast can be cooked up at home.

There are 100 new recipes that are easy to make, which include: Jerry MacKenzie's time travelling pasties, Jenny's breakfast crumble, Claire's beans and sass, John Grey's Yorkshire puddings and Mrs Figg's flapjacks.

Other recipes include traditional and modern dishes such as: slow cooker hot pease porridge, cheese savouries, lamb stew, lamb pie and lemon, lime and orange ice . Vegan sausage rolls are also included.

Drinks include: gin and orange flower cocktail, mulled cider and whisky and coconut milk.

More information on the book and how to order can be found here.

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Outlander Kitchen 2: To the New World and Back Again is available to pre-order priced at £24.40.

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