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12 Scottish cake makers to follow on Instagram

Warning, side effects of viewing these cake pics may include going green with envy, hunger pangs and tummy rumblings.

Published: June 29, 2015
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Regular instagrammers will be familiar with the barrage of tasty food images making up a large amount of their photo feed. But for those with a sweet tooth, looking for more sweet treats to salivate over, there plenty of Scottish accounts sending out shots of their own cake creations.

From highland bakers, to extravagant cake makers, to those keen amateurs with a photographic eye for dessert, here are 12 cake-filled Scottish Instagram account that you should follow:

1. hellolovecrumbs

Hellolovecrumbs is the Instagram persona of Lovecrumbs, Edinburgh's cake-only cake shop in West port, and boy do some of these featured in their regular posts make us wish we could go there more often. Plus you know, pics of red pandas in glasses and stuff.

1Cake 1Cake

2. cuckoosbakery

Cuckoo's bakery labels itself as providing Edinburgh's quirkiest cakes and judging by their Instagram account we are happy not to argue, this place is pretty much cup cake heaven!

1Cake  1Cake

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3. crazycakelady

Without a doubt sporting the best name on this list, the crazy cake lady produces cakes that are, well, crazily good. Some of the best themed birthday cakes we've seen in a while including My Neighbour Totoro, Minecraft, Minions and surprisingly.... Scrabble.

1Cake  1Cake

4. humblepie bakery

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Glasgow's Humble Pie is an award winning bakery that not only specialises in cakes but other tasty treats too. So many, many other tasty treats.

1Cake  1Cake

5. cheesecakeairdrie

Cheesecake don't have the greatest photography skills on this list but what they lack in camera skill, they more than make up for in awesome cakery.

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Seriously, they used jammy dodgers on one of their cakec, that's genius! Plus the emoji cake has the same expression we had making this list.

1Cake  1Cake

6. boyseatscotland

We are big fans of boyseatscotland already, but this account cemented it for us. What's not to like? They go around Scotland, eating great food and blog about it? Sounds like a great idea.

In fact, we're jealous, and trust us, you'll be jealous too.

1Cake  1Cake

7. bostockbakery

Bostock bakery is probably the most classic on this list but it's classic in that effortlessly cool way that Sean Connery achieved while playing James Bond, sipping martinis and taking out bad guys. Some of the pictures on this account look so good as to be almost unreal, like they were taken in some quaint little village in 17th century France.

1Cake  1Cake

8. trotter13

This account is pretty much what we imagine would be the outcome if you gave Delia Smith and Jeremy Clarkson the same camera and asked them to share. Think gear head meets cake fanatic.

Mr Trotter also combines two of our favourite things to great effect. Breaking Bad and cake. Breaking Bad cake. We'll let that settle in.

1Cake  1Cake

9. atg-highland

All the Goodness are based in the Highlands and by looks of it bake some amazing cakes, cookies and breads. Rosshire isn't that far away is it?

cake cake

10. sandras_bakery

Many of the words on Sandra's cakes are in Lithuanian but our love for great cakes won't be hindered by a language barrier. Now based in Glasgow, some of the cakes on this page are just unbelievable.

cake cake

11. mimisbakehouse

Mimi's motto is “It’s all about the cake” and you can see that this mission statement is key to everything they do.

We love the use of sweets like Caramac, Yorkie and Oreos to provide inspiration for their cakes and all of them look fantastic!

cake cake

12. twelvetriangles

'Little sister' to hellolovecrumbs, Twelve Triangles keep the formula simple - great baking with great ingredients. The kind of place we'd happily while away a morning in and probably the afternoon too.

cake cake


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