10 of the best Halloween food and drink ideas on Pinterest

Impress the kids this Halloween with the best spooky food and drink ideas to be found on Pinterest.

Published 27th Oct 2017
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Stuck for inspiration on how to impress the family with some spooky food and drink ideas?

Looking for that extra wow factor for your Halloween party?

Well Pinterest has got you covered, here are some of the best ideas on the personalised media platform.

Totalbristol.com's Gingerbread skeletons

Easy to make twist on a classic...

Such a simple idea, yet turning regular gingerbread men into Halloween skeleton cookies is a fun way to entertain the kids this Halloween.

Sugarhero.com's Red Velvet Hot Chocolate and witch finger cookies

Edible fingers and blood-red chocolate milk...

Picture: Sugarhero.com

This recipe is described by Elizabeth at SugarHero.com as "one you can whip up in just a few minutes, and enjoy while watching a scary movie"

The food bloggers adds: "I’m also including a recipe for almond witch finger cookies, because you haven’t lived until you’ve dipped an edible finger in a glass of blood-red chocolate milk."

Blue Bear Wood's Pepper Brain Monsters

Fun healthy Halloween food for kids...

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Picture: BlueBearWood

Blue Bear Wood starts with advice on how best to get kids to enjoy this healthier snack, she writes: "A lot of children don’t like the texture of cooked peppers.

"So the trick (and treat!) with these is not to cook them and to use the sweet red, orange and yellow peppers."

She adds that to get the best results you should pile the bolognese high, making it look like "a brain at the top", with the "sauce naturally drip out through the eyes and mouth which adds to the ghoulish look".

A Thrifty Mom's Bloody Finger Hotdogs

A gruesome snack for hungry Halloween revelers...

Picture: AThriftyMom.com

A whole new take on “Finger Food” - this is another easy, yet hugely impressive trick is to turn this American favourite into a gruesome snack with some clever use of a knife and plenty of tomato ketchup.

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Vampire Doughnuts by She Knows

Just add teeth...

Picture: Brandi Bidot/SheKnows

My domaine offers this idea to anyone who doesn't like to bake - simply use the doughnuts from your favorite bakery.

The craft website adds: "These are especially fun for kids because they can wear the vampire teeth after they’ve finished eating the doughnut."

Creme de la Crumb's Truffle Mummies

Easy to make no-bake truffles...

Picture: Creme de la Bake

Making a cheesecake sounds like a delightful way to use up all that left over pumpkin and these truffle mummies definitely have the wow factor!

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Hostess with the Mostess' Witch Hat cupcakes

These cupcakes will make the perfect centre piece...

Picture: Schur to Please Bakery

These incredible looking cupcakes are such a simple idea yet will look absolutely fantastic as the centre piece for any party this Halloween.

Sherbake's Halloween Brain Cake

Dare your friends to take a bite of this bloody brain...

Picture: Sherbake

The pictoral guide for this delicious yet disgusting look cake makes baking it child's play (no chuckie jokes we promise).

As Sherbake founder writes: "If designing your own cakes scares you, I assure you this brain cake takes less “brain cells” in designing than it actually looks."

The red velvet, butter icing and fondant combined with the honey dripping blood make this particular 'brain' the tastiest of treats.

Supperinthesuburbs' Halloween Freakshakes

Indulge in a scary twist on one of the biggest food and drink trends of recent years...

Picture: Supper in the Suburbs

Freakshakes have really taken off in the UK of late and this particular example will be a big hit with sweet tooth kids (big and small).

Filled with white chocolate, strawberry sauce, jam doughnut, strawberry ice-cream, squirty cream and red sprinkles, this milkshake is freakishly good.

SmartSchoolHouse's Ghost Meringues

The cutest and tastiest spooks around...

Picture: Smart School House

These simple four ingredient meringues are the perfect way to brighten up any autumn evening.

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