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Young Distiller takes Strathearn in a new direction by moving into rum production

Liam Pennycook, the 23-year- old Head Distiller of Strathearn Distillery, is helping diversify the small Perthshire based distillery by moving in to rum production.

Published: September 16, 2016

Liam, who has only been at Strathearn Distillery for two years, has been at the forefront of spirit production creating unique products such as Scotland’s first gin aged in pear-wood barrels, Bierbrand and now, a spiced and golden rum.

The distillery say the first prototypes of Strathearn’s Golden Rum will be ready next month and released in small batches. The rum, aged in American oak barrels on site at the distillery, gives the spirit its signature golden colour and a rich flavour.


Liam Pennycook. Picture: Strathearn

Liam said: “The past few months have been so exciting for me and I really do think rum is the next spirit to take Scotland by storm. New gin distilleries are cropping up around the UK everyday but we are thrilled to be widely considered as the home of hand crafted spirits in Scotland.

"As Head Distiller, I want to ensure that we are producing an innovative and exciting variety for our customers.

“To make my job easier, rum is actually my all-time favourite spirit so to me, adding a spiced and a golden rum to our portfolio before Christmas is a gift!”

Liam began at Strathearn Distillery in 2014 helping Distillery Founder, Tony Reeman-Clark in the still-house and the brew-house before moving on to distilling spirit shortly after.

Tony added: “Liam was quickly promoted to Head Distiller in our small team due to his undeniable creativity and passion for quality spirits. It’s a truly exciting time for Liam and for the business. He is an innovative thinker with a long and boozy career ahead of him! Rum is just the start, I know, I’ve seen his secret list!”

Strathearn Distillery has become known for its range of craft gins and have benefited from the gin revival in Scotland which has provided them with the flexibility to sell product and to experiment with different spirits as well as mature small batches of single malt whisky which will fully mature in December of this year.

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