Anti-ageing collagen-infused gin unveiled

Two entrepreneurial women from Oxford are aiming to take the gin industry by storm, with the release of their new collagen infused gin.

Published 4th Apr 2017
Updated 18 th Sep 2023

Camilla Brown, 30, and Liz Beswick, 29, have launched what they say is "the world's first spirits range distilled with pure collagen".

The first of these drinks to be released, will be their gin, the aptly named CollaGin.

Described as having an "elegant and refined taste", the pair say their unique recipe has "stayed true to the principles of a classic gin" but with a "rejuvenating twist of anti-ageing botanicals" such as star anise, pink grapefruit and orris, with the innovative addition of pure collagen.

Collegen Collagin gin

A great gift for beauty conscious gin fans, Collagin also features botanicals including vanilla, pink peppercorn, angelica root and liquorice, resulting in a "smooth and fresh flavour" that can be enjoyed as "a sipping gin, a cocktail gin or with the classic tonic water".

The producers say the gin is best served with a garnish of pink grapefruit or star anise.

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CollaGin is distilled with America’s number one collagen brand which does not affect the taste, smell or appearance of the gin, meaning drinkers enjoy the benefits of collagen without compromising on the taste of the spirit.

Co-founder Camilla Brown said: “This really is the smoothest gin I have ever tasted and works so well in many different ways. We've used botanicals with healthy benefits and a big dose of pure, powdered collagen, so if you're going to drink gin anyway, why not drink one with added bonuses?”

While Co-founder Liz Beswick added: “Our key botanicals all have an anti-ageing quality to complement the collagen, particularly the pink grapefruit, fresh orange, anise oil and orris. The gin is fragrant, soft and the aftertaste is velvety, with a hit of vanilla. Enjoy it in a Martini, or if you prefer a longer, refreshing serve, try it in a classic G&T. Or as we call it, a 'Skin & Tonic'.”

Distilled in the Midlands, the gin is bottled in Lancashire and priced at £34.99 for a 500ml bottle, which can be bought from or for £34.99.

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