'World Buckfast Day 2017' to be held on May 13th

Fans of the tonic wine will be invited to celebrate their favourite drink on May 13th as the date for the second ever World Buckfast Day is confirmed.

Published 7th Apr 2017
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Already popular in Scotland, the global celebration of the drink will once again take place on the second Saturday of May.

Described as "a much needed day dedicated to the World's Greatest Wine" the event was posted on Facebook by Buckfast fan page 'Wreckthehoosejuice'.

At the time of writing 1,600 people had said they'll be joining in the celebrations, while a further  1,500 have indicated that their interest in the event.

This year's date was confirmed following the massive popularity of the inaugural World Buckfast Day in 2016 and National Buckfast Day in 2015.

The tongue and cheek post on the page describes the event as taking place "wherever you enjoy your Bucky" with one location given as "the gutter".

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In recognition of Buckfast's notorious reputation, the organisers have asked those taking part to enjoy the day responsibly and to drink in moderation.

It seems it's not just fans in the UK who are looking to enjoy the day as one American user has posted asking if the wine was "obtainable in the States".

Fans can join in the celebrations on Twitter with the hashtag #WorldBuckfastDay

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