Why are Starbucks making a pork flavoured latte - new limited edition coffee and where to try it

The coffee chain has released a braised pork latte.

Published 22nd Feb 2024
Updated 22 nd Feb 2024

In celebration of Lunar New Year, Starbucks has created a braised pork latte. The limited edition drink is said to "integrate traditional New Year customs into coffee" and combines espresso with steamed milk and "Dongo pork" sauce. It even comes with a slice of pork as a garnish.

The pork latte has been available in China since 10 February - the start of celebrations - and Starbucks said it will "create unexpected salty and sweet" flavours.

Translated as the “Abundant Year Savory Latte,” or listed as its English name, “Lucky Savory Latte," the drink costs around £7.90 (68 Chinese yuan). Starbucks themselves have said it tastes surprising.

Many users on Chinese social media have expressed their onions on the pork latte, with some saying it sounds disgusting while others were pleasantly surprised.

Starbucks pork latte
Picture: Starbucks

This isn't the first time that Starbucks have experimented with their coffee. Last year, the coffee giant introduced a latte that included olive oil.

The Starbucks Oleato coffees include premium Partanna extra virgin olive oil to, the team say "create an entirely new experience, taking on a depth and dimension that simply must be tasted to be believed."

These coffees debuted in Italy in February 2023 and were available in select Starbucks stores in London, Paris, Japan and the United States.

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