Glengoyne launches Summer Solstice whisky limited edition for longest day of the year

A new whisky has been released, just in time for the longest day of the year.

Published 20th Jun 2024
Updated 20 th Jun 2024

Glengoyne distillery says it distils its whisky slower than any other in Scotland so it is perhaps no surprise it has waited for the longest summer night of the year to release the new Summer Solstice edition.

Drawn from the Glengoyne 2008 Bourbon Barrel, only 168 bottles will be sold and they will be available exclusively to members of the Glengoyne Family club. They will be able to buy the whisky on 20 June at 13.19 - the sun's meridian.

A whisky dedicated to the sun is designed as a 'reflection and celebration' of the year so far and comes with a 59% ABV. It is priced at £260 per bottle and is available on the Glengoyne website.

Glengoyne says the whisky will have a nose of raspberry and vanilla, desiccated coconut, white grape, lime, soft oak, swiss meringue and dark coffee beans. The palate is described as fruity and syrupy, vanilla, strawberry coulis, banana, apricot and white chocolate.

The limited edition whisky has a finish of toffee and biscuit with refreshing citrus and gooseberry, according to the tasting notes.

Glengoyne summer solstice whisky

Robbie Hughes, Glengoyne Distillery Manager, said: “I’m so pleased to unveil the first expression in Glengoyne’s Solstice Series, with our Summer Solstice expression.

"Inspired by a solography project that took place at our distillery over 12 months, the expression celebrates the movement of the sun between the summer solstices, signifying long summer evenings and the journey we’ve travelled from darkness to light.

“Everything we do at Glengoyne, we do with patience, dedication and the understanding that perfection takes time.

"We’ve a wonderful community of whisky lovers who appreciate and understand Glengoyne’s unhurried philosophy, so sharing this special release exclusively with our Glengoyne Family members is our way of thanking them.”

Glengoyne’s Solstice Series celebrates both the longest and shortest days of the year and the second expression, Glengoyne Winter Solstice, is set to launch this December.

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The family-owned Glengoyne distillery north of Glasgow has been running since 1833. It favours a longer distilling process, allowing for more contact with the copper followed by ageing in barrels that take six years to prepare.

A bottle of 12-year Glengoyne whisky is available for £40 and a cask strength bottle of Batch 10 is priced at £72.

Dumgoyne, Glasgow G63 9LB, UK
Dumgoyne, Glasgow G63 9LB, UK, G63 9LB
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