Dream job for whisky fans as Scots company seek 'taste masters' to nose and taste drams

A Fife business is seeking a panel of taste experts to help in the nosing, tasting and bottling of single cask whiskies.

Published 28th Feb 2024
Updated 28 th Feb 2024

Scottish whisky bottler The Single Cask have announced a once-in-a-lifetime job that will be the easiest decision any whisky fan will make this year.

The Single Cask - home to a warehouse in Glenrothes of over 3000 casks - have announced that they are recruiting for their first-ever specialist panel of ‘Taste Masters’ to help in the nosing, tasting, bottling and creation of their luxury single cask whiskies.

Expanding their team of whisky professionals, The Single Cask pride themselves on bottling only the most outstanding, characterful and distinctive casks.

The whisky bottler are welcoming whisky lovers with ‘charisma and creativity’ to apply, and the lucky panel of whisky fans will be working with The Single Cask specialist team, an exclusive ensemble of flavour experts, who tell the story behind each whisky that they taste.

A key part to the role will be writing tasting notes and it’s important to The Single Cask that their ‘Taste Masters’ draw from personal experiences in whisky and life; to describe the emotion single cask whisky creates.

Jan Damen, general manager at The Single Cask, said: “We only bottle exciting and entertaining whiskies worth talking about, and believe drinking single cask whisky to be an incredible experience.

"A roller-coaster that is never repeated. We want our first-ever ‘Taste Master’ panel to understand the beauty and emotional power of single cask whisky and help more whisky fans come with us on this extraordinary journey.

“Our dream candidate will need charisma, creativity and a thrill for not only whisky, but a thrill for life. It’s such an exciting time to work for The Single Cask, and it’s always an exciting time to work in whisky. Applying for this role truly is a no brainer”.

whisky tasting job
The Single Cask, Glenrothes, Fife. Picture: Mike Wilkinson

A dream role for any dram fanatic; the winning candidates will interact with the in-house whisky team by selecting casks to be bottled - playing a key part in the planning and maturation, nosing, tasting and discussion of the best samples to be bottled at the warehouse of The Single Cask.

Initially a part time, flexible position, the role will expand as the business grows, as more casks will need bottled. Ideally coming from a background in whisky creation, sampling or writing, The Single Cask would still like to hear from those with creative personalities.

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Now with a Fife-based warehouse home to over 3000 casks and counting, The Single Cask’s expertise is in the sourcing of casks and in the maturation.

All their bottlings are tasting panel approved by The Single Cask Taste Masters, an exclusive panel of experts.

Applications for the role of 'Taste Master' at The Single Cask are live now on the company’s website, or get in touch via LinkedIn.

Known for cake making, experimental jam recipes, Champagne, whisky and gin drinking (and the inability to cook Gnocchi), Rosalind is the Food and Drink Editor and whisky writer for The Scotsman, as well as hosting Scran, The Scotsman's food and drink podcast.
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