Welcome back to Wellpark as Tennent’s Lager comedy series returns

Tennent’s ground-breaking animated comedy series Wellpark returns today, 24 March, with its own unique commentary on the iconic Scottish breakfast – the #Foodsie100.

Published 24th Mar 2016
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

The first short sees Wellpark ‘pub philosophers’ Bobby and Paul compare the most important meal of the day to the FTSE100, assigning values to the various components and suggesting how they can be traded against each other.

Everything has its place from the “heavyweights” (bacon, sausage) to the “plate moisture” (beans). And, according to the sketch, you would NEVER swap a black pudding for a cooked tomato. The sketch can be viewed here: visitwellpark.com

To mark the launch, Glasgow pub Winters Gills will be running their own version of the #Foodsie100 this weekend, 25 March.

All budding Foodnancial Analysts need to do is pop into Winters Gills and order an all-day breakfast. They will then be directed to the Wellpark trading board where they can swap items up and down according to their point values, to build their ultimate bespoke breakfast.

Those who tweet pics using #Foodsie100 to @TennentsLager can win merchandise from the Tennents online shop.

The Foodsie100 will be updated daily before trading begins at 12pm. Trading closes at 6pm to comply with kitchen regulations. Some items on the Foodsie100 are naturally more volatile than others, so caution is advised. Bar staff will be on hand to offer hints and tips and to ensure there’s no insider trading.

JP Murphy, head of brand marketing at Tennent’s said: “Everyone loves a traditional Scottish breakfast but there’s a definite unspoken hierarchy on the plate that we thought would make for a funny sketch.

"No way in a million years is a piece of toast worth the same as a square sausage. Get yourself down to one of the participating pubs and see how you get on playing the #Foodsie100.

“When we launched Wellpark in 2015 we wanted to put our own spin on real life situations, and that’s what the #Foodsie100 is all about. Expect a lot more of this from season two of the series, we’ve got big plans for our fictional town.”

Wellpark launched in summer 2015 with 25 original sketches attracting millions views globally. New sketches were released every week - from pub regulars Bobby and Paul, to a cocky guide dog; a fly with the inside track on FIFA; an App that lets you dump your partner by text; the Aye Watch, an emotionally intuitive Scottish smart watch; and a Good Count with a dodgy accent.

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• Winters Gills is situated at: 226 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G4 9EJ

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