Watch: The Irn-Bru Snowman returns in TV ad sequel

It was one of the most phenomenally popular festive TV adverts ever, and now its starring characters - the Irn Bru snowman and the wee boy whose can he steals - are back.

Published 1st Dec 2018
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

The new Christmas ad launched this weekend on STV and Facebook, and you can watch it here:

In what the company describes as “the hotly anticipated sequel” to the first advert we see the wee boy lift himself from the snow before chasing after the mischievous Snowman who has swiped his can of Irn-Bru and is soaring high above Glasgow’s George Square.

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With a determined look on his face, he launches off in a pursuit that will see the pair pass over various famous Scottish landmarks - including some newer ones - such as the SSE Hydro, the Queensferry Crossing and the newly opened V & A Museum in Dundee.

Many of the artists who worked on the original ad have been reunited to complete the sequel at animation studio Lupus Films.

The team has dedicated months of hard work, hundreds of pencils and thousands of sheets of paper to create the sequel.

The haunting signature song Walking in the Air is sung by Carlo Massimo, (13) a St Mary’s Cathedral Chorister who attends St Mary’s Music School in Edinburgh.

It is, of course, famous from the classic festive film, The Snowman, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

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Irn-Bru marketing director, Adrian Troy, said: “We know Christmas isn’t Christmas in Scotland without the IRN-BRU Snowman, so we’re thrilled to be continuing the story and letting everyone find out what happens next.

“We’re sure this twist to the tale will be a real hit and a great way to kick-start the Christmas celebrations."

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