The Whisky Show 2019 unveils series of show bottlings highlighting mystery of the influence of a cask

To celebrate its 11th annual Whisky Show this weekend, The Whisky Exchange is releasing an exclusive series of bottlings highlighting the mystery of a cask’s influence. 

Published 27th Sep 2019
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

Entitled ‘The Magic of the Cask’, each bottle, which will be available at the event which runs from the 28th to the 29th September at the Old Billingsgate in London, will feature a special label which will keep the details of the whisky hidden until revealed with a special torch.

A first for whisky labels, the details such as cask type and region, are printed with an ink sensitive to UV light, hiding the details of each whisky until the torch, which is included with every purchase, is shone onto the label to reveal the hidden text.

Raj Chavda, creative director for The Whisky Exchange, took inspiration for the new design from the mystery of maturation, he said: "I am fascinated by the magic of the ageing process – you fill a cask with clear spirit and through unseen alchemy it’s transformed into something amazing.

"I wanted to reflect this magic trick through these labels, using special printing to give you a thrilling glimpse into the process hidden inside.”

The theme of Whisky Show 2019 – ‘The Journey of the Cask’ – celebrates both the effects that casks have on maturing whisky as well as the journey that a cask takes from forest to filling and beyond. This year's show bottlings delve deep into that magic, each presenting a different way that a cask can shape a whisky.

The four expressions include a Caol Ila 9-year-old (£84.95), a Ben Nevis 22-year-old (£165), Imperial 23-year-old (£165) and a 45-year-old Blended Whisky (£450).

• The whiskies will be available to purchase at The Whisky Show, and online at The Whisky Exchange. 


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