Tennent's to turn tables on England fans with 'legal tender' currency exchange

Scottish brewing giant Tennent's look to turn the tables in the 'legal tender' debate by opening a currency exchange before the Scotland vs England game.

Published 7th Jun 2017
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Legal Tender, a phrase used for one very specific situation: trying to spend Scottish money in England.

It’s been a source of frustration for many Scots over the years.

Whether it’s in a pub, taxi, restaurant or shop, Scots don’t like having their hard earned cash snubbed down south.

This weekend, 10 June, Tennent’s Lager say they will be serving up a bit of light relief for anyone who has suffered the (temporary) humiliation of having their money refused in England.

The Glasgow brewer has just launched its new campaign ‘Here to Serve’, which will see Tennent’s go above and beyond for the people of Scotland.

A spokesperson for the company said: "As the nation’s longest established brewer, Tennent’s has been serving the nation longer than any other beer brand, and Here to Serve is a commitment to continue that service for years to come.

"As its first public service, Tennent’s will be giving English football fans a little taste of what Scots can be faced with when they try and get a round in south of the border."

Picture: Chris Watt

On the day of the Scotland vs. England World Cup qualifier, Tennent’s will cheekily have a Currency Exchange operating on Buchanan Street and outside Hampden Park, so that any English fans who don’t want to run the risk of having "their notes refused in Glasgow pubs" can come and change them.

The exchange will be live on Buchanan Street on Saturday 9am-1pm and outside Hampden Park 3pm-5pm.

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Vouchers for a free taste of Scotland’s favourite lager will also be available over the course of the day so both sets of fans can raise a glass together regardless of the result.

The brewer say they will be solving all manner of issues for Scots over the coming months including some Scotland didn’t even know needed solving as part of the new campaign.

Alan McGarrie, head of UK brand marketing at Tennent’s, said:
“Our new campaign is all about providing a service to Scots, so we thought the match against England was the perfect opportunity for us to serve up a bit of banter and level the playing field. We couldn’t think of a better way to do that than by playing off the long running joke around legal tender.”

“Anyone who needs to change their notes should head down to our Currency Exchange and we’ll happily sort them out. There will of course be a few vouchers for free samples handed out on the day as well. We hope everyone enjoys the match.”

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